The first reply I will send your way will be at no cost and it is what will help us determine if online counselling will work for you and if email online counselling is what will best suit your situation.

Once all has been agreed upon and we are going to work together, then the charge is £30 per email exchange and this is paid in advance for a number of sessions.

However, should you only desire for a one email reply, then the charge is £40 per email and it will also be paid in advance.

Unless otherwise, we will have one email exchange on a weekly basis and we will agree on a suitable time for you to receive a reply from me. You will have to send your email at least 48 hours before I can reply you, otherwise, I will not be able to get back to you at the agreed upon time. This might culminate into you having to wait until the next available appointment to get replied to.

To make a purchase, please select the fee and counselling session type you prefer; make your payment then send me an email which I reply to as soon as possible.

Every Email counselling payment is to be made via PayPal for it is secure and free. However, you could also directly deposit the payment into my bank account or make an online transfer or telephone banking. You may contact me for the details.

Once bought, email counselling bundles are valid for 60 days so you can make full use of them within the 60 day period.

Email counselling fees:

1 Email Counselling session £40

2 Email Counselling sessions £60

3 Email Counselling sessions £90

4 Email Counselling sessions £120

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