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Anger Management

What is Anger? Anger is an emotion that a human can normally feel. It can range from slight annoyance to overpowering hatred. Anger can be felt when you’re hurt, disgusted, frustrated, disappointed, frightened or worried. Usually, it creates problem and causes unnecessary tension. Sometimes, it can also result to broken friendships, wounded egos and damaged […]

How to Nurture Great Family Relationships

 When we take a look at relationships, we can not fail to look at the family because that is where one learns how to relate with those around him or her. Thereafter, one can gradually learn to relate with the world around them, however small or big. The best gifts parents or guardians can give […]

Autism among children and adults

  Autism is a condition that presents complex disorders of brain development and it is characterized by problems with social interaction, non verbal and verbal communication impairments and issues with repetitive behaviours. These problems vary in degree. Before 2013, various autism disorders were looked at distinctly but after the month of May, they were all […]

Open your mind.

Looking for help can be very big step for you but think about the outcome, relief and joy when you get help for your mental illness issues.

Depression: Symptoms and Types of Disorder

What is Depression? Depression is a commonly misused word. A lot of people think that feeling depressed is just the same as feeling sad or down. Clinical depression is so much more than that. It’s actually a very serious condition which can affect a person’s mind and body.  People who are depressed often experience the […]