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Sexual Abuse

There are many forms of sexual violations, all of which are abusive and often result in sexual trauma.  Two major delineations exist:  childhood sexual abuse and adult sexual violence.  All acts under these two categories are considered sexual violence, especially if these are non-consensual or have been committed under duress. Both childhood sexual abuse and […]

The Psychology of Shyness

Do you consider yourself shy?  If so, how shy?  Shyness is that tendency to feel socially uneasy, awkward, tense, and anxious when confronted with having to interact with people.  Social situations presented by parties, school life, and work may instil a bit of fear in many people.  Shyness can vary in degree from slight to […]

Chronic Pain and Depression

People who have been diagnosed with a medical condition and experience chronic pain because of it are quite likely to develop depression.  Chronic pain is debilitating and can impact everyday life by rendering suffering individuals dependent, powerless, and feeling very sick.  Suffering because of pain is already enough to make someone depressed but the added […]

Immigration and Mental Health

Immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are one of the most vulnerable social groups in the U.K. Most of these people are fleeing their home countries because of poverty, civil war, or a ruthless government.  Many of these countries are third world nations in which there are high incidences of disease, crime, torture, and separation from […]

How Mental Illness Affects a Marriage

One of the heartbreaking sad realities of a marriage in which one partner suffers from mental health issues is a broken relationship leading to divorce.  There is a strong link between divorce and mental illness, the highest ratios belonging to major depression, substance addiction, histrionic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). […]

The Link Between Intelligence and Mental Health

High I.Q. and Mental Stability Geniuses and highly creative people with high I.Q.s have always been linked to mental health problems such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.  Often we may picture a brainy computer geek who may be a programming whiz but prone to social awkwardness and withdrawals.  We admire masterpieces and learn of […]

Hypnosis: A Viable Alternative Treatment

Contrary to popular notion, hypnosis is not an obscure practice customarily carried out only by charlatans or mediums.  Hypnosis is a legitimate therapeutic tool utilised by some in the medical community.  In the field of psychiatry, hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy, a very helpful aid in the practice of psychotherapy. The Hypnotic Spell Hypnosis or […]


What is HIV? HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is a disease that compromises the immune system, gradually leaving the victim defenceless against other diseases.  The virus attacks white blood cells called T-helpers or CD4s and replicates itself inside these. Different strains of HIV exist and these can coexist in one infected individual.  HIV resides in […]

Promoting Our Own Mental Health

Sound mental health is as important as good physical health for optimal overall well-being.  Everyone agrees that a strong mental constitution is a vital factor for living potentially to the fullest.   What Mental Health Means Wikipedia defines mental health as “…the psychological state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional […]