About Online Counselling

With the prevalence of the internet, people now have a wide range of alternative choices of doing things. The internet has also added that dimension of privacy, understandably crucial to the comfort and sensitive feelings of an individual afflicted with a disorder.

Online counselling is one such service that offers patient privacy and a venue for an individual to acquire therapy while in the comfort of his own room or environment of choice. With face-to-face communication over wireless technology already a reality, patients save inconvenient trips to the clinic. Online therapy also diminishes a patient’s chances of embarrassment from running into someone he knows during a doctor visit.

What is Online Counselling?

Online counselling is professional therapy given and received over the internet. Communication methods involve, but are not restricted to, both video and chat functions of Skype, secure email, secure chat room communication, and other protected systems.

As an online professional counsellor, I favour counselling using Skype video and secure email.